Get Some Joy and Education Into Your Child’s Day with These Playables

Educational games for kids of all ages!
Formal schooling can be uncreative and boring for kids. Educational games are Playables that can help with that. These games make learning creative, fun, and interesting. In a survey by the National Education Association, 94% of teachers reported that educational games helped to increase student engagement in the classroom. And according to a report by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, 72% of teachers believe that educational games can positively impact student learning. An educational game is a great tool that can help children remove learning obstacles and help them learn without getting bored. Educational games are well known to improve literacy, knowledge, and numeracy among kids of all ages. Here are a handful of educational games that will fill a child’s day with joy and education.

Doctor is the best game for budding healthcare professionals! While playing the game Doctor, kids role-play as a doctor and get to take care of their cute little friends within the game. With this game, children can learn to treat the flu, take care of ears & teeth, clean wounds, and learn about the X-Ray! While playing Doctor, children also get to solve exercises that teach them to count and code. Doctor is one of the best Doctor games for kids and older that teaches them the basics of medicine, math, and coding!

Play and Discover
Play and Discover is one of the best games for 4 year olds and older! With Play & Discover, kids can solve colorful puzzles with interactive animations. These puzzles teach children about different shapes, animals, fruits, numbers, colors, and letters making this game a fun learning experience for kids. Games like Play and Discover are great for preschoolers and kindergarten-going kids as they help kids acquire basic knowledge and teach them about their surroundings. Children feel much more confident and are less anxious when they understand their surroundings better. Educational games like Play and Discover are a great way to prepare kids for formal schooling and maintain their interest in learning.

ABC Town
Puzzles for 4 year olds online help develop and maintain their interest in the English language! ABC town is a town-building language game that allows children to build their own towns and customize them. While playing ABC Town, children can discover new faraway lands, welcome new citizens, and interact with them. ABC Town lets children play, complete various town activities, learn English, revise their spellings, and learn math! ABC Town is a complete learning package! With ABC Town, children learn how to spell over 150 English words. As children get better at any language, their communication skills improve. They can express themselves better and understand others. Kids with good communication skills have better mood regulation and social-emotional skills. learning games for 6 year olds like ABC Town help with that!

Street Soccer
Children love playing soccer. Street Soccer is a sports game that lets kids play, relax, and sharpen their math skills! Street Soccer allows kids to play soccer in the most iconic streets around the world. Kids can customize their soccer player, aim, kick, do stunts, and score goals. While playing Street Soccer, kids learn addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, geometry, and more! Games for 9 year olds and grade schoolers, like Street Soccer, are sure to improve children’s hand-eye coordination skills and improve their mathematical abilities.

Race Cars

Race Cars is the perfect game for kids who love monster trucks! Playing games for 9 year olds and grade schoolers, like Race Cars, is the best way for kids to learn math. While playing Race Cars, kids race against other players to win and progress through multiple leagues to reach the top of the board! Kids can collect and upgrade 14 free cars and choose from countless customization features. Race Cars teaches kids critical math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

Printable educational worksheets for kids.
Solving worksheets is a time-tested way for kids to learn better. Although educational games are the best tools to teach math on-screen, printable worksheets can help children learn offline. The best place to find math worksheets for kids is SKIDOS’ worksheets help children practice and reinforce the concepts they have learned. They help children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, worksheets also serve as a learning assessment tool. Parents, educators, and caretakers can use math worksheets to assess children’s understanding of a particular topic in math. Parents, caretakers, or educators can then provide additional support and personalize children’s learning based on their strengths and weaknesses.

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