Top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR that rival top colleges of USA and UK

There was a time when it was said that if you aren’t studying at IIT then you aren’t doing engineering but today this view has changed due to presence of many public and private engineering institutes. If you make list of top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR, you’ll find that many of the colleges rival the IIT in faculty, facility and education.

Status of engineering education in India
World has started recognizing potential and role of India’s engineering colleges at the global platform. Today out premier engineering institutes provide education to foreign students that come from developing countries where there are fewer institutions of higher studies compared to India. Another advantage of Indian colleges is that they provide quality education at a very affordable price.
Why engineering in India affordable?
Indians are always leaders in education and this is evident from its rich history that has produced thinkers like Aryabhatt. Education in India is affordable in comparison to developed countries like USA and UK. But quality of education of India is unmatched. Some of the top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR can even rival the top engineering institutes of world. Students from developing countries find studying in India cheaper in comparison to study in UK and USA.
Indian students aren’t going abroad

When the quality education and international recognition is provided in India then what is the need to rush to Australia or New Zealand for higher studies. With opening of more and more engineer colleges in the region of Delhi and NCR, more and more students from neighboring states and also from the far flung areas are choosing engineering.
What makes Indian engineer colleges popular?

Top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR have flexible admission guidelines and fee structure. Their objective is to provide education to as many students as they can and to achieve this objective, they provide everyone an opportunity to study engineering at the best facilities of the world. A tour of the engineer institutes is enough to show that they are of international standards. Learned teaching faculty and research facilities make India a popular destination for engineering.
One more thing that makes India leader in engineering education is its commercial activity. Businesses from across the globe are investing in India and they need engineers to handle their projects. Engineering students in India get placement in India and abroad as well. Indian engineering institutes are recognized by the world.

Which are the best colleges for engineering in Delhi and NCR?
List of top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR will start with IIT but it will include names of leading colleges like NGF that has made its mark in the field of higher education. There are many colleges that are private in nature but that are as good as IIT.